A gathering of people, ideas and new work styles. Meet up, lift off at KLOUD.


Get onboard the Kloud

Smart office access and controls

Get in your workspace with your phone. Simple, fast and efficient.

Regional network of centres

Work flexibly, keep in touch when you travel the region.

Seamless space solutions for growth

Expand your space as you grow.

Supporting business services

We'll take care of things, so you focus your energy on the business.

Networking opportunities

Meet with a vast network for potential collaborations, joint ventures.

What They’re Saying 

Don't take our word for it. Hear what people at KLOUD feel about their work environment.

KLOUD ticked all our boxes. The view was lovely while the interior decor exuded the right balance of professionalism and comfort. The KLOUD team has been proactive in supporting our business needs. They’ve also gone out of their way to encourage tenants to mingle and create a positive work community. KLOUD is definitely more than an office. A place to work, live and engage.

Leanne Yong
Singapore Sales Manager | Mission Foods

We chose KLOUD because of its amazing views, excellent location and easy access to many convenient services. Unlike other shared office spaces, it has more private spaces without losing the communal feel. The good mix of both small and large companies adds to the diversity of the business ecosystem, which also makes for a more interesting and stimulating work environment.

Carolina Rodriguez
Director | Dilucidar

It was love at first sight. KLOUD matches our company culture and image. We like the views, location, surrounding amenities and office setup at KLOUD. The combination of an amazing place with wonderful people was an offer we could not refuse. We’ve had great opportunities to meet a number of good companies at KLOUD, and had good fun via the various activities organised. That sense of community is a great feeling.

George Ie
Managing Director | Mavericks Consulting

Ever since we have signed our contract with KLOUD, we have received a high quality office with even better customer service. We appreciate the services are delivered earlier than expected, any issues were resolved immediately. The community activities were amazing and enjoyable. We look forward to more activities to come and hope the team continues to provide such excellent service to us. We could not have conducted our business efficiently without you.

Hong Ngoc LE
Admin & HR Manager | Stragen Pharma SA (Vietnam)

Our company likes the strategic location of Junction City Tower and the KLOUD office layout. We also appreciate the serviced facilities and flexible options of KLOUD. We also enjoy the good service and support by the KLOUD team.

Sundee Win
Managing Director | KDR Engineering and Trading (Myanmar)
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