For start-ups looking for quality office space in a good location in the business district, shared spaces are the way to go.

What you know about workplaces is about to change. With smart technology revolutionising how we work, and rising real estate costs determining where we work, it’s no surprise co-working spaces are becoming more popular across the globe.

Sharing office space and equipment lowers costs for everyone, and rubbing shoulders with people from different fields could spark new ideas, polish existing ones, and even lead to unexpected ventures.

A traditional office in Singapore’s city area typically locks tenants into a three-year contract. For start-ups with tight cash flows, this may be a big commitment. Not to mention, expensive – Singapore was ranked the world’s 11th most expensive city to rent office spaces in 2016.

With portable devices such as laptops changing the way we work, employees are no longer needed to be in the office all day. Co-working spaces can reduce overhead costs and even offer flexibility so firms can hire more people and office space during opportunities and cut back on both during crises.

Workspace at Keppel Towers

While you might be tempted to turn the television on at home, or find it hard to concentrate in noisy cafés, co-working spaces can provide a more productive environment, especially if your co-workers are in the same field and complementary trades. Some of the offices are set up for people in the same industry, and some office managers even organise networking sessions tailored to their tenants’ needs.

While Singapore had just five co-working spaces in 2011, there are now more than 30 across the island. One of the latest entrants is Keppel Land’s Workspace at Keppel Towers, where people can rent a specific desk and seat for $700 a month, or pay just $200 weekly or $500 monthly for a flexible workstation.

High-speed wireless internet, air-conditioning during business hours, common break rooms, snacks and beverages are all part of the package. What’s more, the premises offer pay-per-use meeting rooms, conference facilities as well as printing, faxing and scanning services. Keppel Towers also has bicycle and car-parking spaces.

Bar Area

Breakout Area

Firms looking for more privacy can rent serviced rooms that fit two to eight people each, and cost from $1,800 a month. Whether you’re flying solo or a part of a team, you also get free access to an outdoor event area that allows you to organise business functions or parties to celebrate milestones.

Whether you prefer to work in the office all day or just use it to meet clients, a co-working space can meet all your needs. After all, while they are shared with others, their underlying philosophy is freedom — your desk, your work, your hours, and your rules.